About EESA

Expert Educational Services Academy (EESA), unquestionably India’s most well-known top institute, offers the greatest instruction in the most advanced forms of contemporary communication. Our uniqueness comes from the fact that EESA’s courses  are designed for professionals in both private and public organisations who seek fluency and total mastery of the English language, not merely students who want to study the language’s fundamentals or thrive academically in high school or college.

Our status as the top institute with a global reputation and notoriety is not the result of random coincidence. The most favoured English Language Institute in India, according to several well-known internet sources, is EESA. We are a one-stop shop for all of your English-related requirements, and we shatter the myth that learning English is terrifyingly difficult. We provide our pupils with the extraordinary chance to discover the allure of English.

We make sure to regularly upgrade in order to keep up with the times, and as a result, we frequently update, improve, and even reconstruct our courses to suit people from all professions.

The finest learning environment is combined with a robust roster of highly skilled teachers to support EESA programmes.

About the Director

One of the public speakers that can persuade people is Ms. Neetu Saini. She started off as a hobbyist looking for new directions in the realm of teaching English language.She conducted thorough research, gained a thorough understanding of the key concepts necessary for mastering a language, and worked diligently on each of them to create a course that would help people with weak English communication skills overcome their fear and be confident in strongly communicating in English. Over the course of her more than12-year career, she has occasionally thrown down the challenge by demonstrating that it is irrelevant where one comes from. If a person is committed and diligent, he or she may acquire this language rapidly and reach new heights of professional achievement.

Innumerable seminars on personality development have been held around the nation by her, and she has instructed numerous individuals from different backgrounds. For hundreds of professionals and aspirants who have struggled to become fluent in the English language, she has served as an inspiration. She has also held a position as a company secretary as well.

Neetu Saini has 12 years of professional experience, having spent approx. 11 years as sole proprietor of M/s. Neetu Saini & Associates, a firm of Company Secretaries. She has wide experience in dealing with matters Related to RBI/ FEMA, Companies Act, 2013, and Corporate Law etc.

She has also been involved in handling big clients and representing multinationals before the Various authorities and giving advisory services in the field of Corporate, Legal, Statutory matters, Share Stamping Matters (SDM) and matters connected with Trademark, NCLT Approvals, Registration and Establishment of Branch office, Liaison Office, Project Office, FDI Matters, NBFC Matters and all other RBI related matters.

She has been instrumental in ensuring effective governance and statutory compliance in all the companies and organisations that she is associated with. She is good at liasoning with various Governmental authorities, RBI, FEMA, ROC, Registrar of Trade Mark & with National Company Law Tribunal, SDM (HQS- Share Stamping)


How EESA is different from other academies

  1. Our trainers don't consider teaching as a profession, it is a passion for them.
  2. They all have more than 10 years of rich experience only in teaching.
  3. Our objective is to make every student fully skilled and confident.
  4. classes are designed as per the students need.
  5. Flexible timings for the professionals who work in shifts.
  6. Our classes start at 7am.
  7. We also assist placement in many sectors after completion of course.
  8. All study materials are provided by the academy only.
  9. This academy is open 6 days a week for the students.
  10. Weekly assessment is conducted for the students.
  11. All our classes are CCTV equipped.
  12. All classes are also fully AC.
  13. Separate batches for class IV to VIII and IX to XII.
  14. Exclusive batch for Group discussion/Debate for Advance students.
  15. We work on all 4 LSRW skills such as Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To set up EESA's centres across the nation to prevent student's search for the global standard of training at local fee. We want to make a one stop solution for the students/professionals.

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