This English course for beginners assists you in developing the language skills required to acquire a job and thrive in the workplace.

 Learn English for the workplace

The goal of this course is to help English learners improve their language abilities for use in the workplace and in situations where they will need to speak English professionally. The necessary English will be provided for job seekers and young professionals.

Every week, we’ll concentrate on important facets of workplace English. You’ll see movies and listen to audio recordings of individuals in a range of settings. This covers people who are seeking employment and submitting applications, those who are getting ready for and attending interviews, as well as those beginning new careers and collaborating with new coworkers.

In order to help you improve your English in professional settings, our knowledgeable coach will analyse some of the language used and offer you practical suggestions.

Learn some important business English terms.

The training starts with workplace English rather than a set language syllabus. It includes actual, true working circumstances and terminology that is useful. You may gauge your comprehension and improve your English skills with the aid of brief tests and dialogues.

You’ll pick up a lot of business English terminology and expressions as you move through the many topics that you’ll be studying, which you may use in your everyday conversations and job applications.

Acquire workplace English language proficiency

You will study what constitutes a good job application and interview in addition to practising workplace English and acquiring a few workplace English terms.

You will be required to discuss your thoughts, theories, and queries with other students at various points throughout the course. Being prepared to participate and share your experiences will help you benefit from the course the most.

  • Teaching presentation ability
  • Personality development skill.
  • Professional work etiquettes.
  • How to prepare for an Interview.
  • Acquisition of public speaking confidence.
  • Aspiring candidates are eligible for suitable work opportunities


 Classes are available from 7 am to 8pm.

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