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Interview preparation

The best way to be ready for an interview

Thousands of students seeking employment or entrance to a college or university have turned to EESA Academy as their favourite destination. Even though there isn’t a certain formula for getting a job after an interview, we are confident that our practical techniques will help you succeed. Your chances of succeeding in interviews will undoubtedly be improved by us.We conduct mock interviews and group discussions to help you overcome your fear of failure and identify your strengths and weaknesses by helping you analyse your positive or negative personality qualities.

Content of the course

If you decide to change jobs or apply for admission to a college or university, the course we provide at EESA Academy will be very helpful. The candidates are taught practical methods for preparing for various types of interviews. The full course is spread out across 20 classes.

 What students will learn:

  • How to compose an effective cover letter.
  • Creating a CV that will land you an interview.
  • How to improve communication abilities with others.
  • How to approach the challenging questions.
  • How to persuade the panel that you are the best candidate for the position.
  • How to confidently market your skills.

Classes are available from 7 am to 8pm.

Call us: 9810126691 / 01144757111

Email:  eesaacademy22@gmail.com

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