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Skill for English UKVI

Skill for English (SELT) is easy, quick, and economical to learn the skills needed for English examinations. They were created with the goal of making the test-taking and qualifying procedure for English Language as simple and intuitive as feasible.

Speaking, listening, reading, and writing are the four skills tested, however tests are also offered for the two skills speaking and listening.

Tests for all English-language skills are administered using computers. Speaking and writing are recorded digitally during the exam and assessed by qualified assessors after it is over (they are blind to the test taker’s personal information). Reading and listening are automatically marked throughout the test session. Therefore, test-takers may go through each ability in turn in a single session and get results in as little as 3-5 days.

 What is included?

 Profound examination preparation

  • General Skill Building Tips
  • Practice Strategies for Preparing all modules.
  • Integrated Writing Practice.
  • Easy valuation criteria

Classes are available from 7 am to 8pm.

Call us: 9810126691 / 01144757111

Email:  eesaacademy22@gmail.com

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